Assalamu Alaikum, the Drop-In Clinic with the School Nurse takes place every Thursday from 9:30 – 11:30 am. If you wish to book an appointment please contact the School.

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Al-Hijrah has a long and proud history of providing excellent education in an Islamic context. We are always keen to change and develop to ensure we meet the needs of our children.

Hadith of the Week

Do not hold grudges

أفضل؟، قال: “كل مخموم القلب صدوق اللسان”، قالوا: “صدوق اللسان نعرفه فما مخموم القلب”، قال: هو التقي النقي لا إثم فيه ولا بغي ولا غل ولا حسد


The Messenger of Allah was asked, ‘who is the best of people?’ He answered, “The one with pure heart and truthful tongue”. They said, “The one with truthful tongue we know, but what about the one with pure heart?” He Replied, “He is pious and pure with no sin who does not hold a grudge and stays clear of envy.” (Ibn Majah)