DOFE students in Lickey Hills – 5th April 2017

The year 10 boys and girls of the 2017 D of E group spent a day on Wed 5th April  in the Lickey Hills improving their navigation skills in preparation for their DofE Bronze 2 day expedition in a few weeks time. Thank you to Br. Imran and Sr. Kirsty for their support.

Big Bang Competiton 2017 – Al-Hijrah Students – 15th March 2017

Students from Al-Hijrah school presenting at the Big Bang Fair at the NEC. Their project was selected from thousands of entries. They built an ionisation detector which can detect radiation.

Visiting the local Catholic Church by Year 7 – 1st and 7th of March


Year 7 pupils visited the local Catholic Church (Our Lady Of The Rosary & St Terese R C Church) on the 1st and 7th March. Year 7 have been exploring places of worship iin the 6 major world religons within the Religious Studies curriculum


The pupils had a lively conversation with Father Kelly – a most generous-spirited host – and experienced first hand that places of worship, of all faiths, are ‘sacred places’ where worshippers endeavour to nurture their soul.

New E-safety Recruits in Primary – 17th February 2017


In addition to the activities in school for students, another ESafety Workshop for parents was arranged on Tuesday 7th in the Main Hall for the morning. It was a great turnout with some valuable learning absorbed by parents, Masha’Allah. Remember, if you have any issues in regards to esafety, contact our E-safety Coordinator, Br Mohammed Ali. To continue with E-Safety throughout the year, we have appointed the following E-Safety Monitors.

 PE News – Birmingham School Games Final – 9th February 2017


Selected students in GY10 attended the Turkish Airlines Birmingham School Games Final on Thursday 9 th February. They competed in Badminton and unfortunately came second to Bishop Challenger School. They played their best on the day and made our school very proud with their dedication and behaviour, Masha’Allah to: Yasmin C | Intizar A Samra K |

Yasmin C | Intizar A Samra K | Aliyo A

BRAN-NU NETBALL CLUB COMPETITION Also, on Thursday 9th February, selected girls in Year 10 had a late end to the day at 8:30 pm. Students travelled via School Minibus to North Birmingham Academy at 6:30 pm to take part in the excellent opportunity which challenged and enhanced their skills, Masha’Allah.

CHANGE 4 LIFE SKILLS CHALLENGE The Year 5 Play Leaders have been organising Skills Challenges at lunchtimes to promote sport in school. This week’s Skill Challenge was, ‘How many skips can you do in 1 minute?’ This week’s winner with 127 skips was:

Inaaya A, GY6

Masha’Allah and well done to everyone who took part in the Skills Challenge.

Year 10 Maths Feast at Hillcrest – 9th February 2017


Well done to the 8 Year 10 students who took part in the Maths Feast at Hillcrest School on Thursday 9th February in the morning. Year 10 were given maths challenges to complete and had to work as a team to solve them. Other schools were very impressed with our children’s attitudes and performances, Masha’Allah.

UKIM Challenge – 2nd February 2017


After a gruelling paper and great suspense, we are delighted to announce that the following pupils achieved a certificate for participating in this year’s UK Intermediate Maths Challenge which took place on Thursday 2nd February.

Year 4 – Cadbury’s World – 30th January 2017


On Monday 30th January, Year 4 had an extended trip to Cadbury’s World for their exit point on their Chocolate topic. This exciting adventure allowed children to see how chocolate is made and even try some free samples, Alhamdu’lillah! Pupils also went on a tour and were able to see cacoa trees and their pods. Year 4 really enjoyed the history and ethos of the Cadbury family and how they offered their employees all kinds of rights and privileges.

Year 9 – Physics Big Quiz – 23rd January 2017


Selected Year 9 students took part in the “Physics Big Quiz” on Monday 23rd January at the University of Birmingham. It was a free event and students spent the whole day at the University competing with other schools for a Nobel Prize in Physics. They did not get the top prize on this occasion but are busy preparing for next Big Quiz, Insha’Allah! Year 5 have been working hard on a project called “The Street Robins” with the Midlands actors group to explore British history. Pupils were invited on Friday 27th January, to share some of their work and perform on the stage at Crescent Theatre with different schools. It was an amazing day and a fantastic opportunity to learn a little more about the British Heritage, Masha’Allah. In addition to this, the children met Professor Carl Chinn, an English Historian, writer and broadcaster whose life has been devoted to study, promote and celebrate the city of Birmingham.

Selected Year 9 students took part in the “Physics Big Quiz” on Monday 23rd January at the University of Birmingham. It was a free event and students spent the whole day at the University competing with other schools for a Nobel Prize in Physics. They did not get the top prize on this occasion but are busy preparing for next Big Quiz, Insha’Allah! Year 5 have been working hard on a project called “The Street Robins” with the Midlands actors group to explore British history. Pupils were invited on Friday 27th January, to share some of their work and perform on the stage at Crescent Theatre with different schools. It was an amazing day and a fantastic opportunity to learn a little more about the British Heritage, Masha’Allah. In addition to this, the children met Professor Carl Chinn, an English Historian, writer and broadcaster whose life has been devoted to study, promote and celebrate the city of Birmingham.

Aberdovey Residential – 23rd-27th January 2017

Subhan’Allah our children have truly taken their learning outside of the classroom over the past 2 weeks!

Aberdovey Residential

We started with the long-awaited residential to Aberdovey! This was originally only for Year 7; it was then extended to all of KS3 and finally opened to Year 6 as well. The trip helped students to develop their team building skills through activities such as climbing, gorge walking, night orienteering and a few others. Aberdovey is situated on the Welsh Coast, located on the stunning Eyfi estuary – a UNESCO world biosphere reserve in North Wales, yet is only a short drive from the mountains of Snowdonia. The boys travelled out on Monday 23rd January to Aberdovey first; as the boys returned on Wednesday 25th, the girls ventured out for their experience, returning on Friday 27th January. It was a truly memorable experience for our children; for many it was the first time away from home. Students were challenged everyday and enjoyed the 3 days spent in Wales

Leadership Academy – 17th January 2017


The Collegiate have set up a Leadership Academy with the opportunity for 12 students from each school to attend. On Tuesday 17th January the 6 specially selected secondary boys took part in the Leadership Academy for showing some good Leadership qualities over the past year and having excellent involvement in school clubs and teams, Masha’Allah. The following students from BY9 attended the Central Sports Partnership (CSP) Tennis Coaching Course:

Yusuf A | Yusuf A | Yahya Y | Yuunus M | Jamal A | Hamza H

Hannah, who runs the CSP, was very impressed with the behaviour and professionalism of our children; they have made our school very proud, Masha’Allah.

This was an excellent opportunity at no extra cost for students to develop their leadership skills and make effective use of the initiative which they have already shown. During the session the students were taught how to umpire a tennis competition in the morning and then umpired the Y5/6 CSP Competition in the afternoon.

The girls will be attending on Tuesday 24th January, also at the Billesley Tennis Centre and will be umpiring Y3/Y4, Insha’Allah.

Safer Internet Day & E-safety

Banner 4

Safer Internet Day 2017 will take place on Tuesday 7th February Insha’Allah, with the theme:


In the lead up to ‘Safer Internet Day’, a short e-safety film has been developed by Br Mohammed Ali, which is published on our Al-Hijrah YouTube channel. Assemblies will also be delivered by students on how to ensure we can keep safe on the internet. Previously, Primary year groups have developed an e-safety display board in their classrooms to promote online safety, as well as lessons and projects completed by KS3 and KS4 as part of the Computing and PSHE Curriculum students have created A4 informational posters, highlighting different target audiences and use of terminology.

A greater emphasis on dangers online and use of mobile devices, addressing various issues, i.e. sexting, online grooming, etc. All year groups have been provided guidance on how to be safe online by informational leaflets, links are also available on our website. Our website has a section on e-safety which includes information on how students can report abuse in our school and an online safety workshop that was delivered to parents addressing aspects such as web filtering, parental control on devices, i.e. Android/Apple and Television Services. Our students have typed up quotes in student speech of how to be safe online, that will be published around our school building. There will be a range of activities that will occur on Safer Internet Day across our school to ensure our children continued to be made aware of how to be safe online. If you have any issues in regards to e-safety, contact our E-safety Coordinator, Br Mohammed Ali.

Click here for our E-safety Film

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New School Mini Buses and Motto – 20th January 2017

Masha’Allah our new minibuses have arrived! An excellent resource for our school and children. It is also the grand unveiling of our new school motto…


IPC Units & Parent Workshops

On Wednesday 18th January in the morning Year 3 invited parents to an end of unit workshop for their IPC unit. The children had spent the previous weeks making their own 3D volcanoes, Masha’Allah. They created them using plastic bottles and Papier (paper) Mâché. The children thoroughly enjoyed being able to create their pieces of art.


The volcanoes were then used for a Science experiment. This is what Year 3 said, “We wanted to create a volcanic explosion!” It was a fantastic turnout with most of the parents attending and both parents and children really enjoyed taking part in the explosive Science morning. Al-hamdu’lillah the experiments were a volcanic success! We would like to thank all the parents and staff for their support and we look forward to many more events in the future, Insha’Allah.

ACTo engage children with our IPC topics we use many different strategies. When we start a new unit, a door display is usually created which includes the pupils’ work. As usual we have many vibrant, colourful and interactive displays. A special mention for the door display in BY5 which looks amazing, Masha’Allah. Well done to all the children, Br Yousaf and Br Deen for their hard work and contribution.

Deep Learning and Mastery CPD – 3rd January 2017


Staff on training day were involved in a jam packed training session on embedding Deep Learning and Mastery within their subject. It was illustrated clearly that mastery learning proposes all children can learn when provided with the appropriate learning conditions in the classroom. A range of videos, discussions, interactions and a perspective of each subject showcased aspects of mastery by subject leaders. Mastery is not about stretching the more able or providing the perceived ‘high flyers’ with an alternative curriculum.  On the contrary, mastery teaching assumes that all pupils, are given high-quality instruction, corrective teaching, time and the right learning experiences, are capable of achieving success.  It is more of a whole school set of beliefs about learning, and how it happens best, than a quick fix to challenge or extend the brightest pupils.

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Developing the Most Able and Talented


Click here for the Youtube Video by our students

A staff CPD was delivered some weeks ago, on how we can challenge and develop the Most Able and Talented pupils at Al-Hijrah School. The successful CPD session allowed staff to partake and gain valuable access to teaching and developing resources. The way forward is for staff to ensure they monitor the progress of the Most Able and Talented.

Seerah Exhibition on 12th December 2016

Br. Amran and Br. Madni organised a fabulous event, showcasing a tour of various classrooms by parents, that highlighted events in the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


GCSE Graduation Ceremony – 6th December 2016


Al-Hijrah school celebrated Class of 2016 GCSE achievements at their Graduation Ceremony on Tuesday 6th December 2016.

Amongst the special guests were Colin Diamond (Director of Education for Birmingham), Debbie James (Headteacher of Swanshurst School), Dr Rizwan Syed, Guy Horden (SACRE)
#alhijrahschool #graduation #ceremony #gcse #classof2016 #celebrate

Birmingham School Notice Board Autumn 2016 Publication


“…It was my privilege to present certificates to GCSE students at Al-Hijrah on Tuesday evening. Al-Hijrah achieves extraordinary results from EYFS to GCSE. In 2016 it secured 84% A* – C (incl En and Ma) and is 3rd best in Birmingham for progress measures and top 10% nationally…” Noticeboard Link (Colin Diamond – Director of Education for Birmingham)

Year 10 visit to Birmingham University


On Wednesday 30th November, Year 10 took a short trip to Birmingham University.Year 10 attended a session designed to highlight to students how Mathematics and Probability is used in game shows. The trip was during the afternoon only and morning lessons continued as normal. Masha’Allah, students found the session both
fascinating and enjoyable.

Year 3 – Birmingham Airport visit


On Monday 21st November 2016, Year 3 visited
Birmingham International Airport. Pupils did not only learn about one type of
transport (flying) but also how to catch a train as
they travelled from Adderley Park Station direct via
a train to the Airport. The children had ‘lots of fun’
while learning, Masha’Allah!

Honoured Guest: Haji Noor Deen at Al-Hijrah School


Al Hijrah had the honour of hosting Haji Noor Deen who is an internationally renowned master of Arabic Calligraphy from the Shangdong province of China.

He ran two workshops entitled, “If All the Trees were Pens” with 30 fortunate Al-Hijrah pupils.

The pupils had a wonderful time discovering this noble art from Islam’s glorious, creative heritage, and will be sharing their experiences in forthcoming assemblies and demonstrations for the rest of the school, insha’Allah.

Children in Need – 18th November 2016


This took place in the Main Hall today, Friday 18th November 2016 in the afternoon. Lessons continued as normal in the morning and entry cost was only 50p per pupil. It was a true treat to see our volunteer clowns being ‘decorated’ – Masha’Allah, staff and pupils had a spectacular and pleasurable finish to the week.
To make the event a success, we also sold Children in Need badges for £1.00 each.
To further enhance the experience of the day, children and staff were encouraged to, ‘Be like Pudsey and wear ONE thing yellow!’ Masha’Allah, the school was certainly very ‘sunny’ and brightened on this cold day.
All money raised will go directly to Children In Need, Insha’Allah – jazak’Allah to all those that were able to donate. We pray our children strengthen their imaan and achieve success in their endeavors; may Allah (SWT) reward us all for our good deeds, Aameen.

Anti-bullying Week at Al- Hijrah School 14th November to 18th November 2016


In order to mark Anti-Bullying, the following has been arranged:
Anti-Bullying Ambassadors: will be launched next week. They
have been trained specifically by an external provider for this role.
Mapping the School for Hotspots: The ABAs will map the school for
areas where bullying is likely to occur.
Wear Purple and/or Blue Non-Uniform: Friday 25th November
Wristbands/Badges/Merchandise Sale: begins Monday 21st
November 2016. All profit will be given to BULLIES OUT charity,
 PSHE Anti-Bullying Lessons: in school.
Primary Activity Book: to go home and completed with parents.
Primary Design A Superhero Competition: pupils to design a
superhero that will be the official school anti-bullying mascot.
Secondary Anti-Bullying Logo Competition: to be used as the
official school anti-bullying logo.

PE Awards and Achievements – 14th November 2016

A selection of GY10 attended the Netball Tournament on Monday 14th November, after school at Bordesley Green Girls’ School (BGGS). The girls played very well and look forward to the next tournament, Insha’Allah!
On Tuesday 15th November, 6 Primary pupils from Al-Hijrah attended the Central Sports Partnership Gymnastics Competition at Starbank School against 15 other teams. For the competition, the pupils performed a 22-step floor routine and a vault jump. They were also able to meet Jennifer Pinches who competed at the London 2012 Olympics in Gymnastics. Although we did not win, we are proud of our children’s achievements and their excellent behaviour. Two of our pupils were awarded a Self-Belief Badge, Masha’Allah. For taking part, well done to:
Eisa R, 3a | Yusuf S, 3b | Sara H, 3b | Labiba M, 4b
A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS for the Self-Belief Badges to:
Ubaydullah A, 3b | Aisha N, 3b

Parent Workshops – 10th November 2016


Year 6 traveled back in time on Thursday 10th November to Ancient Maya. Parents were invited to an exciting Workshop during school to explore the diet of the Mayan people and celebrate the Exit Point for Topic. The Sisters Hall was packed and buzzing with a sense of purpose as everyone learned how to prepare Mayan food – Masha’Allah, it was a wonderful afternoon full of learning and fun!

On the morning of Wednesday 16th November, it was the turn of Reception parents to take part in a Workshop. Parents were invited to the classrooms to explore the environment that their children learn in – they found it an enjoyable and insightful experience, Masha’Allah.

Prefects meet the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher – 3rd November 2016


Year 11 Prefects had coffee and tea with Head Teacher, Br Arshad Mohammad and Deputy Head Teacher, Br Shawkat Chowdhury, yesterday Thursday 3rd November. The students discussed their roles as prefects and proposed ideas to develop their effectiveness. We would like to thank all the prefects for their hard work and dedication in carrying out their duties, Masha’Allah.

Historians in Year 5 – 2nd November 2016


On Wednesday 2nd November, class GY5 and BY5 were visited by Historians, David and Jill, who recreated some historic moments from the early 1900s and displayed some images from the period. Pupils were very inquisitive and curious as to how the people of the medieval times lived and survived.

Remembrance Day – 11th November 2016


Al-Hijrah Youtube Video – click here

Students at Al-Hijrah led assemblies to remember those that gave their lives and their service for this country and humanity during the great wars. Pupils also observed a 2 minutes silence.
#rememberance #remeberanceday #alhijrahschool #humanity #soldier #poppies #service #country #british

Mount Snowdon Hike – 22nd October 2016



On Saturday 22nd October, we (Owais, Idris, Abdullah and Ibrahim) hiked our way up Mount Snowdon in aid of the Syria Bread Project run by Green Lane Masjid. Together, the four of us raised just short of £1,500, Al-hamdu’lillah. This money will provide 30,000 people in Syria with a meal, Masha’Allah.
“It was a long and grueling trek to the peak. There were moments where laziness and fatigue almost got the better of us; however, we persevered and accomplished something truly magnificent. Sheer terror struck me at the steepest sites, but our guide – Jonathan – ensured no man was left behind. The views were spectacular; we made our time at the summit worthwhile, embracing the beauty of Snowdonia. All in all, it was a fantastic venture for a good cause,” says Owais.
A HUGE JAZAK’ALLAH to all who supported us (both staff and students)

Tuition for Secondary


Al-Hijrah School is to begin weekend classes for our local community, Insha’Allah. They will consist of Mathematics and English at secondary school level to help support children to achieve the best possible outcomes during the most challenging of times. Please get in touch if you would like your child, or indeed, if any other children’s parents would be interested in the scheme.

Parent Workshop – Thursday 20th October 2016


Year 5 invited parents to take part in an interactive workshop for their Brainwave topic. Parents were challenged with some practical and creative activities. Feedback from the parents was very positive and they enjoyed the whole experience of working collaboratively with their children, Masha’Allah. Other classes also celebrated their Exit Points with partner classes and other year groups in school.

Breaking News – Our Results, Our Success!!!


The Department for Education (DfE) have now released the provisional league table of schools for GCSEs. This always seems some time after the results but a whole range of checks have to take place. We were of course delighted with our results but now even more pleased when we see that by both the old and new measures Al-Hijrah is doing very well indeed. By the old measure, of 5*A-C including English and Mathematics, we rose to 84% but the DfE no longer use this measure. This was of course an increase from last year when we were one of the top schools. For the new measure of Progress 8, which is a good way of seeing how much we have helped each student progress, we were third top in Birmingham ahead of all of the Grammar Schools. In these top 3 schools by this new measure, we also have the best A*-C pass rate in English and Mathematics GCSE. So it doesn’t really matter how the government measures results – AlHijrah has done brilliantly again, Al-hamdu’lillah! Once more our thanks to staff, parents and of course our wonderful students.

PE Awards


Over the past year, the PE Department have tirelessly worked towards awards while trying to ensure the fitness of our children. We are very pleased to announce that we have achieved the awards over the 2015 – 2016 academic year, Masha’Allah.

Charity Fundraiser Event 18th October 2016


Pupils and Staff took part in the Al-Hijrah Fundraiser Event to raise money. Mash’Allah £1400 was raised. May Allah bless our efforts.

Al-Hijrah Talent Show Submissions


Al-Hijrah school is hosting the Talent show and application forms are to be submitted by 14th October 2016. Pupils will have the chance to showcase their talents in all aspects of their capabilities and creativity skills.

House of Parliament Yr10 & Natural History Museum Visit


On Tuesday 11th October, Year 10 boys and girls visited the Natural History Museum and Houses of Parliament in London. The day was full of learning and enjoyment.Students were divided into 5 groups in their classes to research about Sea and Stones, Animals, Extinct Animals, Insects and Birds.The staff at the Museum were very impressed with our children’s attitude to learning and their general behaviour, Masha’Allah! At the Houses of Parliament, Year 10 had the opportunity of visiting Parliament Square, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. In the House of Commons, they observed live debate about ‘Aleppo in Syria’ and in the House of Lords they observed the live debate about ‘Crime Investigation’. They also met with Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham. These experiences were very educating for our students. Finally, they were divided into two groups where they had the opportunity to debate using the parliamentary decorum.

Chilcote Visit – New Islamic Year 


On Thursday 13th October, Chilcote Primary School visited our school to celebrate the Islamic New Year. They were treated to various workshops including, Arabic calligraphy, making date parcels, pop-up cards and henna/mehndi. Chilcote were supported with the activities by our selected Year 6 pupils and worked collaboratively to produce excellent work, Masha’Allah. They ended the visit with a brief Sound Studies lesson where Br Amran taught them a nasheed about tawheed and the attributes of Allah (SWT), which they performed with our Year 6 pupils. We would like to thank Chilcote school for their continued partnership and the staff and pupils of our school for supporting the event.

E-safety Workshop – 6th October 2016


Parents were invited and informed of how to ensure their children are safe online. They were also informed about the various dangers of the internet, smart phones, online grooming, sexting, social networking, etc. Parents were exposed to the different methods of parental control on electronic devices. Together we hope these measures will ensure the safety of our children, Insha’Allah. We understand that some parents were unable to attend – the handouts available at the workshop were sent home and we kindly urge all parents to read them. Click here for the link to the Workshop

Year 11 Parents Subject Evening – 5th October 2016


Parents of Year 11 were invited to an important presentation evening on Wednesday 5th October with Subject Leaders after school in the Main Hall. The parents were provided information about vital GCSE Assessment, Revision and Q&A for all subjects. Click here for the Presentation

Pupils are invited to take part in the Al-Hijrah Talent Show. Pupils are to make applications by 14th October 2016 to showcase their talents and take part.

Mcmillan Cancer Support Staff Event


Friday 30th September, was a national Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. The staff at Al-Hijrah held an Afternoon Tea on Tuesday 27th September to raise money for this worthy charity. Many staff made (and bought!) scrumptious cakes, cookies, biscuits, clusters, tarts, scones and much more for the occasion which they donated for staff enjoyment. After an introduction on the work the charity does and a short presentation, we remembered those who had lost someone and those who were now gone. To end the evening, all staff took part in a fun quiz where the friendly rivalries between the teams added to the lively atmosphere, Masha’Allah. The winners’ prize was getting their desserts first!

Yr6 Visit to House of Parliament 16th September 2016


Thursday 29th September, Year 6 visited the Houses of Parliament and National History Museum in London. It was a long day, full of new experiences, learning and fun! Pupils enjoyed taking part in a mock vote while admiring the grandeur of Parliament.

Smile in a Box – 16th September 2016


We started this initiative during the month of Ramadhan. The whole idea behind this project was for our children to decorate a shoe box and put inside some toys, stationery, toiletry and other non-perishable items. Our pupils donated more than 100 boxes which will now go to less fortunate children in Syria via Ummah Welfare Trust, Insha’Allah. A HUGE JAZAK’ALLAH to all the children, parents, friends, family and staff for their generosity; may Allah (SWT) accept our efforts and reward them abundantly, Aameen

GCSE 2016 Results – 25th August 2016

1016 “Al-Hamdu-Lila, Al-Hijrah is celebrating its best ever A*- C (Inc English and Maths) results of 84%. These results are particularly impressive as there is a national decline. Our heart-felt congratulations to our amazing pupils, teachers and parents. We wish our pupils every success and happiness in their future endeavours. May Allah bless them and guide them always.”

Arshad Mohammed (Head Teacher)