Careers Guidance

Name of Career leader: Zabar Hussain
Email address:
Phone number: 0121 773 7979

The programme:
1. Curriculum: the coverage for years 8- 10 is from Steps booklets, produced and published by Prospects. The activities in the booklet will help students to:

Year 8:
• Understand more about themselves (self-development)
• Know where to look for useful information (careers exploration)
• Plan for the future (career management)

Year 9:
• Understand more about themselves (self development)
• Look at their options (career exploration)

Year 10:
• Understand more about themselves
• Learn more about the world of work
• Learn how to apply for work

Year 11:
Year 11 career guidance has been provided by Birmingham Career Services it consists of:
1. Beyond 16 assemblies.
2. Career adviser: One to one interview with pupils – providing action plans
3. Assemblies delivered by different colleges.
4. Assemblies delivered by professionals (in different Fields)
5. Open days information for pupils
Work closely with the participation team in BCC to complete the participation report.

Out school development:
1. Professionals in different fields to deliver assemblies for students.
2. A visit to Kidzania (London) for Years 5-7 pupils to explore different careers.
3. Junior university programme for Year 10 students. The aim is to explore university is to inspire students and to explore university life.

The school measures and assesses the impact of the careers programme by conducting a questionnaire.

The school’s next review of the information published will be September 2019.