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 We aim to make all students enjoy geography and to do this we make geography real to the students in their everyday life, with a challenging and fun curriculum.

We aim to deliver high-quality teaching, equipping our students with problem solving, real world solutions to global problems and creativity. The curriculum is developed as such in which pupils are taught the principles of geography; definition, skills, how geography relates to how and where we live, what nature is trying to do and what the impacts humans have on the environment.

 Students in Year 7 & 8 are taught 1 lesson a week.

Yr 7 & 8 Geography

The curriculum has been developed as such, to meet the needs of the National Curriculum. Students will learn to understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of geography. This includes the basic map work skills, learning about a range of scales from local, to regional, to global, also learning about the interaction that humans have on the world around them and how the world effects humans.

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Year 7 focuses on ensuring students are confident using basic geography skills, building on what they learnt in KS2. They look at the area they live in and local, regional and national scales. They also look at Brazil and compare how rich and poor people live and compare to their own living standards.

Year 8 students begin to develop a wider range of scale. They look at the physical world through natural hazards that happen around the world. They look at the differences between how poor and rich countries deal with such disasters and how richer countries can support poorer countries. They also look at the weather in and around the British Isles. They develop an understanding of how unique the UK weather is and why it happens.

Parents can Support

Parents are encouraged to work and support their children at home. They should engage in discussions with their children on the projects that they are working on as well as any homework they are asked to complete. Parents can use a variety of online resources to support their child, some are highlighted below:

Useful Websites:

BBC Bitesize– KS3 Geography 


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