2016 Results

Reception (EYFS)


Al-Hijrah National average (2015)
Children achieving a good level of development or exceeding 70% 66%


KS2 Attainment 2016

Percentage of pupils achieving:

expected standard or above High level of standard Average
Al-Hijrah National Al-Hijrah National
Reading 70% 66% 22%
Writing 80% 74% 2%
Mathematics 78% 70% 20%
Grammar, punctuation & spelling, 80% 72% 32%
Combined RWM 62% 53% 2%

Average scale score:

Al-Hijrah National
Reading 104 103
Mathematics 104 103
Grammar, punctuation & spelling, 106 104

Average progress:

Al-Hijrah Floor standards
Reading -1.3 -5
Writing -2.6 -7
Mathematics -0.8 -5

KS4 Attainment 2016

Al-Hamdu-Lillah!! Great news for Al-Hijrah school. It is the 3rd best school on progress in Birmingham. We are in the top 10% in England.

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Al-Hijrah National Average
Progress8 0.61
Attainment8 58.98
Percentage of pupils who achieved a good pass in English and maths. 86%
Percentage of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate 54%
Student Destination

Percentage of students who continue in education, training or move on to employment at the end of 16-19 study


Al-Hijrah School is in the Top 10 in a table of

Birmingham’s top 20 performing schools for GCSE’s (Birmingham Mail Article)

Below information taken from BBC


Achievement of disadvantaged pupils: Al-Hijrah in Top 10

(The Guardian) 


David Brown (Interim Executive Headteacher) says the below:

We are delighted that Al-Hijrah School is now moving ahead so fast, with great GCSE results and a much more positive report from Ofsted now we are out of Special Measures.  The staff and parents have been a huge strength for us and under the new Headteacher, Arshad Mohammed the school will continue forward to even greater achievements.  Birmingham can now be proud of its leading Islamic School. (Click here for Performance tables)

2015 Results

Al-Hijrah is ranked in the TOP 10 of Best Schools in Birmingham for GCSE Results

Dear visitor,

This year, Al-Hijrah school has achieved its best results ever with 79% of students gaining five or more A*-C grades including English and maths, up 9% from previous year. Furthermore there are still results pending.

In English Language 97% of students achieved A*- C and an amazing 43% achieved A* – A, while in maths the figure was 89% A*- C.

In addition to these outstanding results Al-Hijrah’s value added score is 1042.9; the school came 10th in the list for best GCSE Results in Birmingham (Birmingham Mail). This is arguably the most important measure as this compares the KS2 scores with GCSE scores and measures the overall progress made by pupils at the school.

For KS1 and KS2, the SATs results were generally good especially in KS1 where pupils have performed significantly above National levels. (See link below)

For EYFS, 67% of pupils achieved a Good Level of Development (GLD), again our pupil’s achievement in Reception has exceeded National levels. (See link below)

Reception (EYFS)

Al-Hijrah National  average  2014
Children at a good level of development or exceeding 66.1 % 60 %



Subject Level 4 or above (%) Level 5 or above (%) Level 6 (%)
School National  average School National  average School National  average
Reading 95 89 51.7 48 0 0
Writing 85 87 33 36 0 2
Mathematics 88.3 87 35 42 11.7 9


Subject 2 or more levels of progress (%)
School National  average
Reading 96 91
Writing 85 87
Mathematics 88.3 87

KS4        (Provisional)

School National  average 2014
5 A*- C including (English and Maths) 79% 91%
English Baccalaureate 29.3% 23.9%
Expected level of progress (maths) 89.3% 84%
Expected level of progress (English) 94.8% 77%

Our school performance is best viewed via the links below. The links will take you to links that are from Government agencies. You will be able to see how our school performs in comparison to other schools nationally.

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