Welcome to the Religious Studies subject page. We aim to support pupils to fully explore all aspects of their own faith, and the faith of others, so as to appreciate how religion can play a vital role in positively shaping character and behaviour.

To do this, we provide a curriculum which is broad and inclusive. All pupils are encouraged to make links between the teachings of their Islamic faith, the values of the other world faiths and the values and expectations required of a British Citizen. And to promote greater understanding within the Muslim community, differences in beliefs and practices between Muslims themselves are also fully examined.

It is hoped that this comprehensive and holistic approach to teaching faith and ethics will encourage the pupils of Al-Hijrah to emerge as positive young adults who are comfortable with their multiple identities which spring from their faith, ethnicity and their citizenship of the UK.

KS3 Religious Studies

The curriculum has been designed to give pupils a secure grounding in their knowledge of the beliefs and practices of the Islamic faith, and of the other major world religions.  It also encourages them to evaluate the impact of religion on a person’s spiritual and social development – especially living in a multi-faith society such as the United Kingdom.

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KS4 Religious Studies

Al-Hijrah follows the Edexcel syllabus for Islamic Studies. Pupils study 75% Islam and 25% Christianity.  The curriculum is designed to give pupils a comprehensive knowledge of the beliefs and practices of two world faiths. By exploring the similarities and differences of two major faiths – and the shared values that permeate all faiths – it is hoped that pupils will emerge from school with an informed and optimistic understanding of the potential of all faith communities – and those of no faith – to live and work together in society.

 Pupils also pursue an in-depth study of some of the philosophical and present-day implications of the primary faith of study, which in the case of Al-Hijrah, is Islam.  Our aspiration is that an enriched and deeper appreciation of one’s faith can lead to the individual being able to make mature and balanced decisions as to how faith can be practised in the modern context.

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